DIGITAL MECHANICS Imagativ Technicians are multifaceted supporting Producers, Designers and Developers and Clients with tasks that bring every project to completion. Among their many roles Technicians will manage and format content and media; setup and manage vendor accounts for social media, email marketing and other assets; setup and manage batch content; make minor coding changes and work with domain registrars and hosting services.

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Our frontline Producer talent provide project strategy, scope development, project management and content development direction. During the project life-cycle or during a campaign, our Producers are the frontline working hand-in-hand with the client, stakeholders and various vendors to coordinate the various components that become a succesful custom product or pursuit.

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IMAGATIV CREATIVE TEAM The balance of expression, instigation and communication to provoke desired action. The goal is conversion, a measurable action on behalf of your target audience once they get to your site. That can be many things depending on the nature of your site and the role it plays with your current and long term action plan. Our Producers help determine the direction; designers apply the art and science while supporting your brand investment to delivery the best path to get there.

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IMAGATIV DIGITAL MAD SCIENTISTS After all the planning and designing is complete, our coders bring ideas to fruition and then to the entire world. They are tasked with not only building the products, but to do so with clean high performing code that is portable and servicable. Imagativ has over 10 developers and growing, with associate and senior level capabilities in their respective disciplines. Their capabilities include LAMP stack coding, Jquery, Jscript, Ajax, MySQL, Bootstrap, Wordpress, CPASS, responsive templates, Droid SDK and Swift. Additionally, being quick study by nature, they will learn, manage and incorporate third party APIs and scripts as suitable for client needs and stay current in their practice areas.

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STANDING BY TO EMPOWER YOU Imagativ has always maintained the philopsophies that we amplify what our clients already know and empower them to carry out their vision. Training, support and maintenance is the last service element for supporting that philosophy. With the CPASS IMS we want you to manage your content and we are here to help you optimize your efforts and provide the role when necessary. We want you to have confidence in technologies like domains and hosting and put those accounts in your name to protect your assets...but with your permission serve as your agent to manage issues when they occur or get routine requests accomplished. Imagativ training, support and maintenance is ready to establish a relationship with you.

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